Goodbye, Swedish Nose

Swedish Nose

It’s now a week since my day of surgery here at Hutt Hospital, and in that time I’ve been quite attached to my Swedish Nose.

The Swedish Nose is a device that has been clipped to the tube in my throat to lets me breathe (the tracheostemy).

Its particular function is to help humidify the air intake. At night times it has been unclipped and replaced with a humidifying air-hose (which has warmer, more moist air).

I much prefer the Swedish Nose to the airhose because it’s cooler air, is a simple & clever little device, and when the nurses mention it, it reminds me of Sweden and my swedish friends!

(My Swedish connection started years ago when I crewed for a few weeks on a tall ship through the Pacific Islands, with several Swedish crew. We had a blast and since then I’ve been to Sweden several times on different adventures with them).

So, today is significant because I no longer require the Swedish Nose – I’ve today had the tube taken out, for me to breathe through my mouth. It’s a good step!

Goodbye, my Swedish Nose. I think I may miss you, but we both need to move on. Sniff.

Hej do


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